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AOC and Stevens Go Bonkers! Congressional Mental Health Testing?

AOC and Stevens Go Bonkers! Congressional Mental Health Testing?

By Bekah Lyons

The clock has expired. No longer are the days where one-offs make it through and gain access to political power only to be weeded out by those healthy politicians in the arena. There appear to be no more safety valves. We need legislation that mandates every person who chooses to run for Federal office to pass a Mini-Mental Status Exam (MMSE) and basic IQ test.

The stakes have risen too high as our society’s moral tone and mental health have degraded over decades. We all joke about “safe spaces” and “snowflakes,” however, Borderline Personality Disorder is a real thing (i.e. mental health condition) and can be found in DSM-5. Learn about BPD here. All Americans are subject to the legislation over the past decades, which, when reviewed, has been ineffective and often referred to as creating unexpected consequential outcomes.

Here is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) on the floor of the House raving and spewing complete falsehoods about the Coronavirus Relief Package. “What did the Senate majority fight for? One of the largest corporate bailouts with as few strings as possible in American history. Shameful!” rages AOC. Her main drift.

“To clarify, $1200 checks are ONLY going to some w/social sec numbers, NOT immigrants w/ tax IDs (ITINs),” she wrote in part.

“Thanks to GOP, these checks will be cut off the backs of taxpaying immigrants, who get nothing,” she added.

Right Wire Report finds it tedious at this point to drill down on all aspects of falsehoods but here are just four:

  • Any corporation or business that accepts any funding or tax breaks by law must retain 90% of employees and pay them.
  • The funding for “greedy corporations” is to maintain main street employment and paychecks.
  • There is also a NO BUYBACK clause in the legislation, which means unlike the Bail Out TARP -this time, no business can use the funding to purchase its own stock to drive up the price.
  • Bonus’s to CEO’s or management team or also capped.

Sadly, not to be outdone, AOC was not the only unhinged, screeching “Borderline” (BPD) with a podium and microphone in the HOUSE. Warning: Please do whatever measures you practice to cope with anxiety, before and after, this video and Right Wire Report, apologize in advance for adding to your stress levels. Listen and watch (Freshman Class) Democrat Rep. Haley Stevens (D-MI), exhibiting an acutely mental decompensation while waving her hands wearing a prop of pink latex gloves!

Observe what in Psychiatry is known as escalation of a person’s symptoms as their physical environment does not match or support the person’s internal one. Rep. Stevens could not respond to social cues or direct commands, and both verbally and physically became overwhelmed in hysteria. If one did know any better, they would assume this was a  scripted play they were watching.

Any debate that would assert the system can absorb a few runaway trains and to regulate the station by forcing mental and emotional aptitude testing goes too far … Right Wire Report rejects. Our Government is a reflection, a mirror, a microcosm of “We The People.” Citizens do not give the untreated Bipolar the financial reigns to their family budgets in their homes, and we do not choose to place immature adolescents on our municipality government seats in our communities. Why?

Hierarchy positions by nature are leadership roles that require stable temperaments, excellent communication skills, ability to be flexible, problem-solving, and conflict resolution skills. We vote and choose these individuals with the expectation that they will face a crisis and mitigate it for the best outcomes. There are many examples where we require different professions to comply with regulations and competency, Teachers, Physicians, Nurses, Social Workers, Utility managers, just to name a few. Why would we not apply this same competency to those in government (politicians) whose decisions and actions have a direct and significant impact on each of our lives?


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