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Big Tech Tyranny

Big Tech Tyranny

In the 80’s when big tech started to expand, they did so by breaking what was seen as the all controlling hand of Microsoft, moving to open the world to free idea’s, idea’s that now have transformed the world, then all of that changed, so what happened?

What happened was as the big tech was populated with a more and more radical body of workers, workers who had graduated from the constant indoctrination from the college level education system, they felt that it was not their right, rather their sacred duty to control the level of thought and make sure correct thinking was in place. This begs the question, who decided what was correct or incorrect thought?

We started to see groups that were for the most part apolitical suddenly turn into political actors, who moved behind the scene to control thought, political movements, to punish people who did not adhere to their way of thinking. We hear that this is the right of corporations to do this, but is it?

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The problem comes with the fact that these organizations are unlike any corporate entity we have ever dealt with in the past, as much as AT&T who at one time, as Ma Bell controlled the vast majority of the US’s telecommunication industry. Their practices and control of the industry brought them under the watchful eye of the government who in the end forced them to break up to Baby Bells to give other start ups a chance to enter the market, this is how Sprint and a host of other telecommunication companies came about.

Where the issue came in with Ma Bell was it had the ability to control much of the communication in the US, thus, could have controlled when and who got access to this vital part of American life, but is big tech any different? I would say they control far more than Ma Bell ever thought of.

We saw earlier Kodak and before them Standard Oil, who through corrupt and unfair practices forced many businesses to go out of business just to cut off any competition that may arise. This makes one ask, how is big tech anything like this?

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Google is a great example of this, they are the largest provider of advertising for tech businesses, they don’t shut people down, they demonetize them, reduce or cut off the amount paid to advertise, thus taking away an income stream of someone they see as having incorrect thought. What one could say is this is the tech way of killing by a thousand cuts, you start to demonetize you cut off the ability to make an income.

A great example of this is what we saw with the collective cut off from the tech big four (Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter), they then brought in PayPal and cut off all access to Alex Jones, political commentator Milo Yiannopoulos and Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan along with others.

Megan Murphy, a leading feminist was cut off by Twitter for refusing to address transsexuals by their preferred pronoun.

While I am no fan of these three, I asked at the time, who makes up these standards, who decides what speech should and should not be silenced? It used to be that we voted in politicians to do this, now big tech with ZERO oversight have decided they have a right to do this, but I must ask, who do they answer to?

But it goes much, much deeper then this. You have Twitter and Facebook, along with YouTube who will cut off access if they see what you think or practice is offensive to liberal thought.

We have seen this with Steven Crowder, who dared to call out a writer on VOX who attacks anyone and everyone, then acts like he was a victim when attacked back. YouTube said that Crowder did not violate any of their standards, then after Carlos Maza started to complain after he attacked Crowder and he attacked back, without giving reason YouTube demonetized Crowder.

I find the double standards have now gone from something the big tech companies would have tried to at least act like was not happening, now they openly flaunt it in our faces.

We have heard that they have no right to be controlled, but we heard years ago the same thing over the Big Three in Television, yet the government, to make sure people had open access to the truth, put regulations in place to protect the American public, why aren’t they willing to do this with big tech? I promise, if their political views were in reverse, and they were conservatives and had done the same thing to liberals that they now are doing to conservatives, this would have already been passed, the left would have been screaming in outrage. But hey, it is happening to us conservatives, so who cares, right?

What is more, big tech is also working in ways that we never see. A great example of this is the search engines. With today’s world in the information age, we need access to information, yet by be directors of what can and can’t be seen Big Tech controls this gateway with the zeal of the religious orders of days gone by.

I have found this with 0censor, not all are as bad, a great example is Yahoo search blocks out many of our articles, Bing only lets a few show through, yet Google shows them all, there are pages of our articles posted. Facebook has tried to control content by continuing to put us in jail, Google has demonetized 0censor, we went from making thousands to not making enough to pay for the bills. Being a stubborn one, I will not be silenced, so I and others are handling the shortages as we seek out better advertising streams.

It is time to start up alternatives to Twitter, Facebook, Google, YouTube. Even sites like Quora, a site I used to be very active in, but their outrageous slant towards the left also has left me in Quora Jail more then I can count, many times I get on for a day, don’t even post and they throw me back in jail.

What we have is a need to set up these alternative sites, it is sad, I would rather see all sides of the spectrum presented, but if the gateway keepers are not allowing it, then we need to start up businesses that will provide this function for us conservatives.

We also need to let big tech learn through there wallets that we do have enormous purchasing power; we need to start playing the same game that the left loves to play so well, boycotting organizations and companies that support this type of silencing of free speech and thought. Corporations only listen when their bottom line is put in check, it is time to put them in check, let them know if they continue this, we will seek out alternative sites to give our funds to.

About The Author

Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.


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