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Brennan Claims Loss of Security Clearance Treasonous, Left Follows

Brennan Claims Loss of Security Clearance Treasonous, Left Follows

You can’t make this up folks, guess Brennan, who has led the attacks against Trump, now claims that Trump stripping him of his security clearance, even though he is no longer in the government, in fact, works with MSNBC is somehow entitled to the clearance, and by stripping him of this Trump has committed an act of Treason. I must ask, “If he is this stupid, why on earth was he ever promoted to the highest post in the CIA?”

To understand the path Brennan took, we need to first look at his actions while part of the CIA director, turns out he had a hand in the Dossier, used his position to spy on foreign leaders for Obama, that is not such a big deal, we do it all the time, but sure not our closest allies. He is a socialist dating back from his days in college, not sure why any president would put a socialist in any position of power, but then Obama was president, guess one should not be surprised by such ineptness and corruption.

But there is more, while you have a right to free speech, if you are going to go on a crusade to get rid of a president you don’t like, there may be repercussions. Further, when you lie before Congress, there may even be more substantial consequences.

But what I think did this was the conspiratorial attacks that came from Brennan none stop while working with MSNBC, at that point, he should not have had any access after he tweeted:

And Brennan comments in the tweet, what exactly is he calling for? A coup? Sorry, John, we aren’t seditious like you are.

And to claim, as some of the former heads of the CIA have argued, that this is McCarthyism is pure nonsense, when you have lied to the American people (Susan Rice), conspired with a foreign agent to overthrow an elected president (Ohr), destroyed evidence to keep it from being discovered (Lerner ), who also plead the fifth so as not to incriminate herself, then acted like she was a victim when they came down on her. You may wish to look within the traitorous team you worked with Brennan before you try to point accusing fingers at others.

But there is so much more, when you have unmasking of officials by the Obama administration, a gross violation of our constitutional rights, we are given protection from illegal search and seizures, then find out they used false data to obtain warrants and try to railroad a man and now have another in court fighting to prevent himself from receiving a 300 year sentence when most people only get a year and a half, put people in jail for campaign contributions, but only do this to conservatives (D’suza vs. Rosie),  where is the justice in this? Is it only applied to conservatives and ignored for liberals? And don’t even get me started with Clinton.

What we have is both a soft coup that has been going on since Trump won the election, but now we see this subverting of the judicial system, we see this with the Justice Department, in states that think if they don’t agree with a law they don’t have to honor it, we are rapidly moving from a soft coup to the full on one where force of arms are going to come to play.

I told people after the win with Trump that things were going to get much, much worse before they get better. If you see the DNC lose out this election as they did then, and we can do this if we all get out and vote as we did in 2016, the left is going to lose their mind. You will start to hear open calls of sedition, you hear them already, but the intensity and volume are going to increase as the left sees the power they assume they are entitled to slipping through their fingers.

Come 2020 if they don’t succeed in ridding themselves of Trump, I fully expect to hear that California tries to cede from the union, if they do try, maybe it is time for Trump to pull a Lincoln on them, put a stop to it by force of arms. If the gangs there try to rise up and fight, just think, if they go against the military, they won’t last long, will not be anyone left to give gang problems.

But what I fear more is a outright civil war, not that I think it will last long, when you are caught up on emotions, not realizing that such acts would lead to overwhelming violence to stop this, you will find much of the pampered left will lose heart after the first confrontation with a armed opponent.

While I am not a fan of violence, I am a firm believer if someone is going to use violence to try to achieve what they demand, you answer with overwhelming force, teach them in a hurry that this is not the way to go.

The left is at the cusp of losing everything, as they head more and more to the radical left, they are marginalizing themselves from the rest of American, they may find if they try to act, they will find out just how insignificant their numbers are, and even more so when people are faced with putting their lives on the line for those beliefs.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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