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Conflict With China Coming

Conflict With China Coming

We have heard from people that China is a powerhouse, but one that was facing collapse, yet their actions don’t show this, and if they are facing such an uncertain future, the risk they pose can’t be understated.

Throughout history, nations that are at a superpower status, or approaching it, if they see this status falling to the wayside, they will do whatever they must, including up to setting up a massive war, will go to any means to maintain their power.

Some people may say that China would not be an issue if it came to war, but I would differ on this. Their actions are showing that they, as of now, are preparing for such an eventuality.

Now we have heard that China put this plague on the world through their coverup and refusal to acknowledge they had an outbreak. Although one can’t conclusively state this is how it happened, we now know that one of the researchers in their biological research labs became sick while researching this virus, then spread it to his wife, thus starting the chain reaction across the world.

Is this something without precedence?

Accidents happen. In 2014, forgotten vials of smallpox were found in a cardboard box in a research center near Washington. In 2015, the US military accidentally shipped live anthrax samples instead of dead spores to as many as nine labs across the country and a military base in South Korea.

Mistakes have happened in the past, where the problem comes in is how China then moved quickly to cover this, spread disinformation that this was not possible to pass from person to person, thus setting other nations up by lack of knowledge, denying them the ability to control the spread, that is until it was too late.

AFRICA: Covid-19 gives pangolin a break from extinction | Afrik 21

We have heard disinformation that this started with bats, but the type of bats that these virus effects were not sold in the market. Others have blamed this on the pangolin, but there is no proof that this species ever carried this type of virus, yet this is the narrative the Chinese are supporting.

We have seen mass expulsions from China of journalist that refuse to go with the party line when reporting the news, many businesses fold under threat by China, refusing to run articles that will put their actions in a critical light. Bloomberg News was found guilty of this in leaked tapes.

The UN is no longer supportive of the US, has not been for years, petty dictators, many in nations that are considered our “friends” have given in to Chinese money, now are pulling support from American goals, instead giving support for Chinese purposes.

China has worked further to try to isolate the US, has its people involved in disrupting our political system.

In international circles, such as the UN, China has moved even further to isolate us, having set up coalitions of nations that find they despise America more then they do the Chinese, throwing money at them China then draws them into the fold.

It is in their military that China is making the most significant strides.

With an Air Force that fields fighters like their stealth Chengdu J-20, outstanding 4++ fighters such as the Shenyang J-16, Shenyang J-11, Sukhoi Su-30, and Sukhoi Su-35, Russia’s best Gen 4++ fighter.

Add to this; they have bombers, including a stealth bomber that should be online now, the H-20, which by the photo below looks like an inferior copy of the B-2, but would be a formidable craft to defend against.

What We Know About China's Secretive New Stealth Bombers - Task ...

In all China has over 2,100 combat aircraft, but many of their fighters and bombers are older craft, China has a way of collecting these, unlike Russia, they keep theirs in flyable condition.

Mind you, with the US having double the amount of fighters, and all the US fields are generation 4++ and 5th generation fighters, China would be outclassed, but would be able to hurt US forces in a fight.

Their army, while with superior numbers in tanks, their tanks, like their hardware is like their air force, a mix of modern front-line tanks, such as the Type 90, Type 96, and Type 99 tanks, these would be a formidable task for any nation, but facing them would be the Abrams tank with among the best armored in the world, superior fire control, and with 5,000 vs. 3,500 front line modern tanks, plus another 8,000 older tanks, ones that in mass can inflict damage against modern tanks but at a high cost.

While China has more tanks in storage, theirs are mostly the 1950s to 1980s tanks. The US maintains all their M1’s in storage with modern updates; we have 3,000 currently in storage.

Manpower is where the enormous disparity is, China’s 2,000,000 plus men, plus tens of millions more they could draft up. The US has 1.4 million man military; we could draw up reserves that would push the US to match China, where China has a massive advantage is with what they can draw from, they could field over 100,000,000 if they could arm them all, that is a problem by itself.

The navy, China is no match but is rapidly catching up, building more warships each year then the US is, and they do have excellent front line subs.

Any war between the two nations would do much to weaken both, but if China were pressed too far, they would most likely fight rather then lose face.

China is arming not to find parity; they want to replace the US as a superpower. Their whole nation is dedicated to this objective; they are willing to go to any means to achieve this.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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