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Democrats Turn Cities Into Sh!T Holes, Then Move To A City Near You

Democrats Turn Cities Into Sh!T Holes, Then Move To A City Near You

Democrats are repeating the same thing we see with refugees from other parts of the world. They flee the cities where their policies have made them unlivable, then try to bring these same policies where they flee to.

We see the same pattern we have seen with Muslim enclaves in the Middle East, people fleeing oppression and unsafe living conditions flee to Europe, then try their best to turn the areas they move to into the same conditions they have left.

We see the same with the liberal left, in cities like Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle, L.A., Democrats, after turning their cities into hell holes, flee from their creation, then move to a city near you and try to repeat the process. They put in place progressive policies, which quickly result in the city becoming unlivable, soon crime and murder are out of control, the very people that voted for the politicians that enacted these polices soon move to a safer city, start voting for the same type of politicians where they move to.

The problem I have with states like Arizona, Texas, and soon your state, is that they will be finding these Democrats fleeing the conditions they created. Still, they have not learned from their mistakes. They tell themselves that maybe they did not do something right and then move on to try to recreate the conditions that forced them to move, hoping for a change this time around. That is the very definition of insanity.

In cities where police are increasingly coming under attack, officers, like in Atlanta, are being arrested for daring to do their job. They are told that their policing has to take in political considerations when arresting is increasingly becoming more and more demoralized. We are seeing waves of officers either quitting, retiring, or just going through the motions, figure they will do what they must not to make any waves, ride out the remaining time as officers so they can get their pensions.

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With people feeling unsafe in the environment they had a hand in creating, many of the affluent Democrats are fleeing the cities, businesses knowing there are no protections against the mob, who bring looting and anarchy, choose to leave, relocating, or shutting down their businesses. This, in turn, brings a wave of poverty as people that used be employed find themselves unemployed, then city liberals take the stand, tell these people they are victims.

This brings out a seething mass of people, many who have been told since they are young that they are victims of police brutality and are in the state they are due to “White Privilege.” Soon, a spark, does not have to be much, brings these masses to the streets, protests quickly turn into riots, feeling they are owed something the masses start to loot, burn down the stores that are left, soon these leave as well, escalating the cycle we see in the big cities.

There is a way to stop this, but this is where the insanity of the democrat left comes in. We hear that although socialism has failed in every nation, it has been in practice, they tell themselves this time they will make it different, so they continue to vote in the officials that created the conditions they now live in, daring to vote for change is considered unthinkable, if you dare to do this, it would be a betrayal of your people, nothing but an act of racism.

This is where the problem comes in, rather than fix the problem, the very Democrats that created the problem then flee to the next city, and try to repeat what they had just left.

We need to start looking at who we let into our states, I am not a fan of this, but am at the point of saying the same thing to these people my father used to tell me, “You made your bed, now sleep in it!”

We learned in a hurry that if we did not wish to deal with the problems of our actions, we better change them in a hurry, now we see none of this, people blame others, then run to the next city to repeat it.

I am beginning to wonder, should we start to put walls around these Democrat cities?

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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