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Fliers Cause Outrage on College Campuses

Fliers Cause Outrage on College Campuses

Over the past few weeks, fliers stating “it’s okay to be white” have been showing up on college campuses. College campuses in 2017 are bastions of hatred towards those who are deemed “privileged.” As you would expect, these fliers have caused outrage.

Allow me to answer the question: is it okay to be white? The answer is clearly yes. There is nothing intrinsically wrong with being white, and anybody who would be offended by that is probably a racist.

Unfortunately, leftists do not believe that it is possible to be racist towards white people.

A recent poll published by NPR revealed that the majority of white Americans believe white people are discriminated against. Leftists crawled out from under the sewers to lecture white Americans on how they are supposedly “white supremacists” or “you cannot be racist towards white people.”

HuffPost reporter, Dominique Mosbergen linked this feeling of discrimination faced by most whites to white supremacy. She wrote: “Claims of discrimination against whites may be proliferating since Donald Trump’s rise to the presidency. Trump has appeared to at least tacitly supporting white supremacists.” In her world, the feelings of white people are not valid, and their feelings are caused or somehow linked to white supremacy.

In 2016, Vice published an article titled “Dear White People, Please Stop Pretending Reverse Racism Is Real” and added that it is “literally impossible to be racist to a white person.”

I am afraid that I have to disagree with these far-left lunatics. You can be racist towards white people, and the reaction at UC Davis to the “it’s okay to be white” fliers proves this.

CBS SF reported on the outrage on the UC Davis Campus. A representative for the UC Davis Black Leadership Council stated: “Whoever is posting these photos, I don’t think they’re realizing how triggering these posters are for people.”

It should not “trigger” anybody to claim that it’s okay to be white. It is an objective fact that it is okay to be white, and there is a real problem if that “triggers” you.




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Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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