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Harassment By The Liberal Left Against Bannon

Harassment By The Liberal Left Against Bannon

Harassment – turns out this is the new buzzword with the left, from Bannon to a young teen minding his own business in a store, if you are associated with Trump in any way, the left now thinks that harassment, even attacks are now justified. If you dare challenge, they post your address and name all over the social web so people can harass you in your place of work, even at your home.

Over the weekend we saw two cases of this, one Bannon was harassed in a bookstore while minding his own business until the store owner finally had to call the authorities, and a young teen was assaulted by a 30-year-old man because the boy wore a mega hat, that was too much for this man.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch reports that Nick Cooke, owner of Black Swan Books in Richmond, called 911 Saturday afternoon after witnessing a woman saw Bannon and call him a “piece of trash,” proceeded with her harassment until the owner called the cops.

“Steve Bannon was simply standing, looking at books, minding his own business. I asked her to leave, and she wouldn’t. And I said, ‘I’m going to call the police if you don’t,’ and I went to call the police and she left,” Cooke said. “And that’s the end of the story.”

The response of the store owner has brought cries of denying civil rights, which this person was stifling free speech, but seems these people don’t understand free speech rights. The government has no legal right to impede in any way your right to exercise free speech, but if you are disrupting a store, causing a commotion, a store owner has every right to ask you to leave.

And it has not stopped with just this; we saw on Friday a young teen wearing a MEGA hat have a 30-year-old man rip the hat off the boy, then throw soda at him after swearing and verbally assaulting the youth. It seems the left now feels if your free speech offends them, which wearing the hat was an expression of this free speech, is enough to justify an attack on a person. The man has since been fired from his job and had charges pressed on him for assaulting a minor.

Seems as time goes on we see more and more of this violence; you see it on campuses, driving down roads, attacking people who dare to support Trump, this is justified in the eyes of the left. The problem with this attitude is what will happen when the other side, which is much larger than the ones attacking gets tired of this, starts to defend themselves; this whole thing can blow up in a hurry.

This all comes from the mindset of the left, if they see you support Trump, they justify their assaults and harassment by saying you’re a fascist, why else would you vote for Trump, then proceed to do what most people would do against a Fascist, attack them. This justification of violence, puts this nation on a very slippery road, if continued unchecked, harassment is the only thing you are going to see, this is going to quickly escalate into outright violence when the other side has had enough, you will see this grow, could spark off a civil war within this nation.

Used to be we were allowed to have differences of opinions, but today you see only one group find this unacceptable, the far left, this needs to be stopped, or someone will stop them, things will get very ugly at that point.


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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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