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Interesting Facts About HP Printers

Interesting Facts About HP Printers

By Thomas Anderson

Buying a HP printer may seem pretty boring but HP has some interesting facts for you that you may have
not heard until now. Read our top 5 facts and be amazed at what this printer company can do!

1 – Their 3D Printer is Made From 3D Parts

This one is a chicken and egg kind of situation; the Multi-Jet 3D printer is actually made from 3D parts!
HP have confirmed that nearly 50% of the printer is made from 3D printing and that they hope to increase this percentage as 3D printing abilities grow. This leads us to the important question, what came first the HP printers or the 3D printed parts?

2 – Their Printer Cartridges Are Not Full

HP only fill their standard sized cartridges to a third full and there is no logical reason for this other than financial. Ink for HP printers is expensive and by only part filling them you end up with less pages per cartridge and that costs you more. There are other options though; you can get the XL cartridges that are three quarters full or choose a replacement ink
supplier like Smart Ink who offer, as an example, ink that is significantly lower in price to original cartridges.

3 – They Have Over 50% of the Printer Market

HP printers dominate the printer market and currently hold over 50% of the printer purchases every year. Not only does that make them a lot of money but it goes someway to show how valued they are as a company. HP printers are well known for
their quality and popularity so it makes sense that they sell so many units each year.

4 – HP Has An 80,000sq ft. Recycling Facility

So committed to recycling are this tech giant that they have invested in their own 80,000sq ft recycling facility to process all the empty cartridges collected from consumers all over the world. This facility was initially 40,000sq ft but it needed to be doubled in size when there was a huge increase in the number of cartridges received into the facility each year.

5 – HP Cartridges Are Recycled and Used In Other Products

Each HP cartridge that is recycled is taken to their recycling plant and stripped down to be used in other items. HP have previously stated that the products that are created as a result of this recycling include new cartridges, car parts, microchip processing trays, roof tiles and even shoe soles! It’s a crazy thing to consider that you could be wearing a pair of shows that have been made in part from recycled ink cartridges!

It’s clear to see that not only are HP a tech giant that holds the market for printers in its hand but that they are also a company that considers the environmental impact of their work. From recycling cartridges to making new printers from 3D printed parts, this is a company that are going strong and seem destined to continue doing so.


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