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It Is Time For The Special Counsel And Instigators To Be Investigated?

It Is Time For The Special Counsel And Instigators To Be Investigated?

We have heard time after time claims by the left of Special Counsel Meuller and his Russian Collusion investigation, how it has gone from investigating what he was supposed to originally investigate to another complete direction, the problem is not the investigation, although I do have problems with how it’s way off track, rather the leaks, the people he has part of this investigation and where it seems to be going. 

The problem I have is the more I research into what Meuller and team are doing, and I have to ask, who is watching them? I am not happy with the power that is granted to them, further when I see nothing but anti-Trump, pro-Democrat activist players that are part of his team, I have to seriously question the integrity of this investigation, where it is going, and what is their end game. For this reason, I think we need to seriously look at another special investigator to keep an eye on them, to see why these leaks that come almost daily out of their groups, which is a violation of federal law, why nothing is being done concerning this. 

The question also has to be asked, if he was put in place to look for collusion, why has no one from Clinton’s team ever been brought up for investigation, yet we see clear signs of collusion, not to mention breaking of the federal law? It seems this is ignored, the serious problems within his team where people were fired, that is quickly cleaned up and then silenced, at this point my trust with his investigation is gone. So what is to be done?

First, I think a more defined mandate should be put out, we were told this was an investigation into collusion, so why then are people being arrested for deeds done long before the election? This should have been passed to the justice department; they should have handled that end of things. 

Second, there needs to be a reigning in, with more clearly defined goals of what should be done we need to have then a set guideline of what they can do. I think this needs to be done in a way that needs to be put in place for more structured way of investigating, the problem we have now is the special investigator can be brought in to look at one thing, before we know it they are headed off on multiple paths that have nothing to do with why they were brought in. Much of the laws in place for this type of thing have expired over the years; we need either Congress or the Justice Department, or both working togather to put new guidelines togather for this. 

Last, we need to also put in place other special investigators with these mandates to investigate first, why the FISA court was so abused, why materials that were known to be false or at least not verifiable in any way, these were presented as facts to the court, why was no one busted for this? And in spite of the press on the left now screaming about, we need to look at the old deputy director of the FBI, the old director himself, both McCabe and James Comey.

But we need to go much further than this, the root within the Obama administration had carried through to this administration, this needs to be mercilessly cut off and gotten rid of, this type of rot will destroy this republic from within, for when actors within the government think they have a right to act outside the law, to remove or try to prevent someone we have voted for from taking office, or if he does to try to set him up to be removed, this could be the greatest crises to face this nation since the civil war. We to expose, unmask, let the nation know through charges which these people are, then prosecute them under the full weight of the law, for if you do nothing you show that what we feared is, in fact, the truth, these people are above the law. 

We need to open special counsel to look into the Clinton email scandal, one that is going to act outside of political pressure, we also could use either this one or another, with the specific task of looking into the Uranium deal done with Russia, we need to know why control of our uranium was given to the Russian government, who profited from this and if there was any bribes or unethical passing of funds to grease these deal through. Then we need to have an investigation look at the Obama administration, see why they ignored warnings of Russian interference, why certain players like Rice ordered the investigation to stand down. I would also like to see an inquiry into the IRS scandal, then see what Obama had to do with all of this. 

We have the majority in Congress, we have a right to demand that they put pressure on the justice department to do this, but further, the Justice Department doesn’t need pressure from the Congress to do this, they can do this by themselves, one has to ask, why haven’t they? I am sure if they did going to Congress for funding while the GOP is in the majority in Congress, who controls the purse, they would not be hard pressed to get funds for such an investigation. 

Further, such moves would show all of us that there is justice or at least equal application of justice, we should not have two types of justice, one for political players and one for we the people, I want to see it applied equally, I know if any of us had done what these people had done we would be dressed up in nice form-fitting orange jumpers or wearing stripes, why aren’t they? We have a right to demand this, tell our representatives either get this done or next election we will vote for someone that will. 


We are still looking at more funding to get Silent No More Going. I have paid for the domain name, paid out advertising, but we need more if we are going to get this going. We need at least 2,000 to pay for website design, I paid some to get it started, but my funding is finite with me paying for this site out of my pocket as well. Any help would be appreciated. 

Our dream is to put togather a website that first list stances of where both sides are standing for the elections, would like to see both candidates post what they have to present, let you decide who is the best to vote for. Further, I have seen the left put out lists of companies that stand with conservatives, singers and actors as well, inform their people to boycott these products, thus forcing these companies to bend to their will, it is time we start doing this ourselves. If a musician wants to disrespect all of us that voted for Trump, maybe it is time to boycott them. Stars that want to belittle us, maybe we should in mass refuse to see their films. Companies that want to support liberal causes and turn their back on us, maybe we should turn our back on purchasing anything from them. It is time for us to be heard, no more the Silent Majority, we need to be Silent No More


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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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