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Jeffrey Epstein Case Shows All Is Not As It Should Be

Jeffrey Epstein Case Shows All Is Not As It Should Be

One should not be surprised by the suicide, or more accurately the claimed suicide of Jeffrey Epstein, but what is more surprising to people, at least the ones involved, is the reaction of AG Barr and the Justice Department.

What we have seen in such cases, more so when there are the rich and very powerful involved, these things have a way of disappearing, but it looks like it will not be this way this time.

With the death of apparent suicide, AG Barr started launching an investigation, at this point, it looks like he is allowing some of the information to get out, and what we have heard at this point is not adding up at all.

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Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York City

We start with the knowledge that Epstein has openly let it be known; he had information on the rich and powerful, information that would have been very damaging if these people went after him. I would say that with him dead holding off having this released is not going to stop the floodgate, one can only hope we see this released soon.

Further, the whole case of suicide does not look like suicide in the least. We have reports from inmates under interview saying they heard screaming and shrieking the night of the suicide. If he was hanging himself as is claimed, how can one hanging be screaming and yelling, their airways would be blocked.

Now we have the autopsy releasing information that is not helpful to this. The autopsy is showing the neck bones broken are more consistent with strangulation then with hanging. But there is still more with this.

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We have the issue with the guard, the one that was not even a trained guard, one has to wonder, with such a high profile inmate, why would they be this lax in keeping an eye on him? Further, now two of the guards on duty that night have been put on administrative leave due to the lack of security, I have to wonder, is there more to this then we are being told?

This whole thing is not passing the smell test, there are far too many irregularities here, one has to wonder, who got to Epstein, who had the most to lose if he went public with information that he had held?

There is one more point to consider, one that does cause concern, Epstein had an accomplice in this, her name was Ghislaine Maxwell, she is said to be the other half with Epstein that holds the blackmail information, at this point, I am incredibly concerned for her life. If I were her, I would let it be known, and not in a very subtle way, if you touch me, I will see that this gets released to the papers.

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One can only hope that Ghislaine Maxwell releases this out of spite for what happened, but I doubt that she will, this information could very well be the only thing keeping her alive at this point.

This whole thing is not ringing true, I think as time goes by we are going to see many exposed and running for cover. What is more interesting is how the press tried at first to tie this to Trump, they still are in many cases, only showing photo’s of Trump with Epstein, yet refusing to report the two had a falling out after Trump expelled Epstein from his resort after finding out he was harassing his underage staff.

I have a feeling that although Epstein is gone, and I have to admit I am shedding no tear over his death, I think he is far from done speaking. Now that he is dead, coming out with information he has held no longer is a danger to him, but who will it be a danger to? Sometimes the wheels of justice turn slowly, we may have to have patience, let’s just hope the players behind this don’t put the brakes on the wheel.

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Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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