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Michelle Obama: ‘We could’ve never gotten away with’ what Trump does, She’s right, They got by With more.

Michelle Obama: ‘We could’ve never gotten away with’ what Trump does, She’s right, They got by With more.

Michelle Obama loves to play the victim, tries to act like her husband’s Administration was attacked much worse then Trump’s is; the question here is, “Is she delusional or just playing stupid?”

If you look at the press briefings during the Obama administration and the ones under Trump, you see one that catered to the Obama’s and has been adversarial to the current administration from day one.

“When we were in the White House, we could’ve never gotten away with some of the stuff that’s going on now, not because of the public, but our community wouldn’t have accepted that. You worked; you did your best every day. You showed up,” said the former first lady about the protests supporting George Floyd, who died after now-former police officer Derek Chauvin placed a knee on his neck.

Here is the question, “f this was the case, which she seems to think it is, why is it that during the Obama administration that nothing was done for the black community?”

It seems that Michelle has a rather selective memory; we had the case of Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Alton Sterling, and Philando Castile, just to name a few. Yet we never saw the national protests, Obama was quick to blame the police, ignored the fact that his justice department found that the Michael Brown was a case of self-defense, all Obama did was paint these thugs as victims and paint the police as the aggressors, thus setting up the foundation for much of what we are facing today.

Michelle then went into her favorite past-time, playing the victim:

“The fact that there are people out there that treat us less than, when we’re working so hard to be better than, that’s where the pain comes from. That’s what these young people are so angry about… the notion that people are out there wondering about these protests,” Obama said, “it’s like, do you know how much it takes, that it takes to get up every day, and be accused of being less than what you are?”

Michelle Obama, like her husband, has shown us once more how out of touch she was. She and her husband faced a fraction of the opposition that Trump has faced, yet she stands and acts like what Trump is facing is justified, all while in the same breath claiming even a fraction of the same treatment made her and her husband victims.

Michelle Obama, we blame you and your husband for much of the problem we today are facing. Many that once were part of your administration are now playing interference on the ground, fighting to counter Trump. While you claim you were a victim, we see who the real victim here is, and it is not you or your husband.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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