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MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Conspiracy Theory: Did Donald Trump INFLATE Coronavirus Death Prediction?

The more dire COVID-19 models, at least for now, appear to have overpredicted the death count. That’s a good thing (see Mike Rowe Flattens Media Matters’ Attack Over the Coronavirus and Doctor Sees Extremely Promising Results from Very Ill COVID-19 Patients). Or, if you’re a turd burglar from MSNBC, a “blame Donald Trump” thing. Here’s Chris Hayes going full tin-foil hat about it. (h/t Caleb Howe)

Remember kids, he doesn’t necessarily believe this himself. He’s just “asking questions.” Just to be clear. We’ve gone from Donald Trump ISN’T listening to experts and ISN’T taking it seriously to Donald Trump and the experts are in cahoots and recklessly lying about the numbers just so he looks good when they aren’t so bad. Also, somewhere in the middle, Donald Trump had blood on his hands. Though not anyone else (Cuomo, WHO, the media) who said many of the exact same things about the kung flu that Trump did.

This is how you know that the media know they overreacted. They realize things look good for Trump. So now they go back and attack him for the exact opposite things they were attacking him for, just to see if that sticks.


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