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Palestinian Authority Arrest Businessman For Attending Bahrain Conference

Palestinian Authority Arrest Businessman For Attending Bahrain Conference

The Palestinian Authority has arrested an Arab businessman who attended the U.S. – led the economic conference in Bahrain this week, Israel’s Haaretz newspaper reported on Saturday.

Salah Abu Miala from the Palestinian-Authority-controlled city of Hebron, in the disputed West Bank. Haaretz said that he was arrested late between Friday night and Saturday morning.

“Salah attended a wedding party for a family member yesterday and then he disappeared. We haven’t seen him since,” the man’s brother, who asked not to be identified, told Reuters. He said that police forces had not shown up at Abu Miala’s home.

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Reuters reported they called Abu Miala’s mobile phone, it was answered by the same son, who said his father was unable to come to the phone.
When contacted the Palestinian Authority leader’s spokesperson could not be reached.

A small group of Arab businessmen who attended the Bahrain workshop have been branded as “collaborators” by Abbas’s Palestinian Authority, they boycotted the conference.

The U.S. embassy in Israel at this time has declined to issue any statement on Abu Miala. Haaretz said that another Arab businessman who also attended Manama has so far managed to evade arrest.

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Abbas’s Palestinian Authority and the PLO (Palestinian Liberation Organization) have refused to deal with the Trump administration over the last 18 months accusing it of bias towards Israel.

The peace push has been rejected among the Palestinians and much of the Arab world, mainly because Trump so far has rejected the call for Palestinian statehood.

Trump’s team, headed by his son-in-law, and senior advisor, launched a $50 billion economic outline for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, to bring peace after years of conflict on Tuesday in Bahrain, saying the investment program for the Arabs in the West Bank and Gaza would be followed by a political plan to end the decades-old conflict.

Egypt and Jordan, the only two Arab states that have peace agreements with Israel, attended the conference. The United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, who also attended, said they would not endorse a plan that fails to meet Palestinian core demands.

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