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The ACLU Has Turned On Everything They Once Stood For

The ACLU Has Turned On Everything They Once Stood For

The ACLU at one time stood as the wall against government overreach, fought for justice, and was filled with fighters that sought to protect the rights of the people, but no more, today it has turned against everything it used to be.

The news The news today is not that the ACLU is suing the federal government in the hope of weakening its due-process standards is headline news for the ages. Once more, the line between parody and reality has been blurred.

With the #MeToo movement, we have seen a shift from protecting both the accused and the accuser to just protecting the accuser at the expense of the accused. This is what is bringing about the ACLU’s lawsuit against the Department of Education, it’s Secretary Betsy DeVos, and its assistant secretary for civil rights, Kenneth Marcus.

Their offense? To have made it easier for the accused to defend themselves. As NBC News explains, the changes that Secretary DeVos has spearheaded “effectively bolster the rights of due process for those accused of sexual assault and harassment, allowing for live hearings and cross-examinations” — two elementary provisions that, as NBC notes, were “lacking during the Obama administration to protect all students under Title IX.”

This is a massive problem for the ACLU; how dare DeVos make a change to protect both sides, giving them the same rights that every American enjoys, the right to not only bring an accusation but for the accused to cross-examine and have a defense. Their excuse for this being a problem, “it more difficult for victims of sexual harassment or sexual assault to continue their educations and needlessly comes amid a global pandemic.”

Are they serious? I have not heard anything so stupid since my child tried to tell me my cat painted the wall, we didn’t have a cat.

Remind us again what the C and the L stand for?

This lawsuit shows that the ACLU is no longer about civil liberties, as we have seen with the Poverty Law Center, they have turned so far to the left they have lost track of why they were founded, to protect the civil liberties of all.

This lawsuit shows they are not concerned about equal justice for all. Instead, they have delved into the far-leftist ideology that victims should be protected at all costs, even if they are faking their stories. Don’t get me wrong here. I am not saying all accusations of rape and sexual harassment are based on lies, just the opposite. Still, we have seen this happen enough it shows that there is an equal need for protection for one to accuse and the other to defend themselves.

The problem with the left today is they assume if you are accused, you are guilty, you have no right to defense, this is counter to how the laws of this nation are set up. Their reason for saying the accused should not be able to defend themselves, outside the absurdity of claims with the pandemic, is also a laundry list they give towards why this should not be done, the victims go through “depression, anxiety, and suicidality.”

While the statement of what they go through is true, because many go through, this does not mean that a right to self-defense should be done away with. The ACLU is trying to say if someone is going through this; this can only do one thing, show guilt of the accused, there should be no right to defense.

Betsy DeVos did not set this in motion to protect the accused, instead of giving equality for both to accuse and defend from accusation. If this is done away with DeVos correctly stated, what would be left would be a “kangaroo court” and insisted that “we can continue to combat sexual misconduct without abandoning our core values of fairness, the presumption of innocence and due process.” Opposing those alterations, the ACLU said that the observation of such elementary American tenets “will have a devastating effect on survivors of sexual harassment and assault and their educations.”

When I first saw this lawsuit I will admit, I thought it was a joke, so I pulled up the top of the article, to see if this was the onion or but Babylon Bee, it was neither, this was a serious article, I was astounded.

The ACLU continued in its argument that protecting the due-process rights of those accused of sexual assault is violating Title IX of the civil rights act.

Article 9 States:

No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.

The ACLU is trying to say that due process is somehow a violation of this, in other words, if you are accused, your civil rights go out the door, you are given an automatic sentence of guilt. One has to wonder, where did they get their license to practice law when they are pushing something this contrary to all the law stands for?

The ACLU also alleges that, by protecting the due-process rights of those who have been accused of sexual assault, the administration is violating Title IX of the Civil Rights Act, which, among other things, guarantees women equal educational opportunities. Put another way; the ACLU alleges that the accused, are stripped of all rights, this is due to the need for protection of the accuser, if guilt is not assumed, women will lose all power to accuse and further theirs.

It is incredible, this is the same organization who stood up and defended groups like the KKK and white supremacist, not because they accepted what they stood for, rather that they could not stand for someone having their civil rights stripped from them. Now, are they not only happy picking sides, but they also want to assign guilt without any due process given.

What is worse, this is all being done in the name of civil rights.

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