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The Greatest Generation Is Passing, Who Will Replace them?

The Greatest Generation Is Passing, Who Will Replace them?

The generation that fought in WW2 is passing, as we had witnessed 30 years ago with our WW1 vets, as these people pass on, their knowledge and first-hand experiences are quickly fading, soon to be nothing but memories in a dusty old history book. I watch with sadness seeing them pass on, can’t help but wonder, who is going to step up to replace them?

I had a grandfather, who, like me, had his youngest child late in life. He, having fought in WW1, came back forever traumatized from the war, but like many we saw after, had to move on. Many did much better then he did dealing with this, but as his generation passed we saw the accumulation of idea’s and knowledge pass on, this generation is no longer with us, the last WW1 vet died in 2011, there are no more left with us today.

Robert Benton

My grandfather, like many of the last survivors lived a long life, he passed a couple weeks shy of his 109th birthday, was one of the last surviving vets at that time when he passed left in the US. He never spoke about the war, I think looking back now, he found the loss of life far too painful to dredge back up the memories, if you tried he would clam up and not speak to you any more.

My father’s sister is 16 years older then he is, he turns 80 this December, her husband, one of the finest men I had ever known, had fought in the second world war, fought in both theaters. Remember as a child going to his house, in his study had two uniforms hanging up, one Japanese office uniform, another of a German office uniform that he had collected (he never told us how).

Like the generation before him, he came back with scars from what he had seen, but went on to bring about a great family, one that is very large today, has blessed many around the world, all due to this humble man. He was not one to allow the bitter pill had had to swallow to effect his life, taught all around him about being true to his faith, his family, and his nation, something we could all take note of now.

He was called to his heavenly home, was done before my grandfather, who had served in the first great war, now that both are gone, we have lost the first world war vets, we are now seeing the numbers dwindle at an alarming rate, soon they too will be gone. I watch with sadness seeing them pass on, can’t help but wonder, who is going to step up to replace them?

We can see from the chart above, that what once was a group of people that even back in 2013 numbered over 1,000,000 people, as they age we are starting to lose them in staggering numbers, over 350 are passing each and every day, today there are less than. We need to take the time off to get to know them, to learn from them, so their experiences and sacrifice can be passed on from generation to generation, today there are slightly more than 300,000, in just 6 years there is projected to be less than 70,000, with the last survivor passing on within 5 to 6 years alter.

Where I have to wonder, while we do have heroic people in the military fighting and putting their lives on the line, they are a exception to the rule, not the norm any longer. In WW2 9% of Americans served in that war, today we have a military of a little more then 2 million with regular and reserve forces counted in, that is less then .0066 of the US population, one has to wonder where are the rest?

Here is idea of where they are:

I look at this generation who think facts don’t matter, only their feelings do. Who have fits and cry when they don’t get their way, I am fearful of what this nation will be like when my generation passes on.

While my generation was far from perfect, we still had no issue rolling up our sleeves, the younger generation today, Generation Y, they are even more flaky then Generation X, and this is the future of our nation. But if you think it is bad here, go to Europe, I at this point think they are ruined beyond fixing.

We have failed these two generations, now it is up to us to help them grow up in a hurry, something Generation X is having to do as reality strikes them, but this younger generation, the ones suing their parents over the right to live in their basements, I find myself sometimes at a loss on how to deal with them. I usually end up telling them I, nor anyone else could care less about their feelings, the only one that should concern is your family and yourself, deal with it.

We need to encourage the older generation to go to schools, to show our youngest generation that this is what they should emulate, not some drag queen from the Queens. Heroes are these men, not some flake by the name of AOC.

The time is now to take charge of this country, we have abrogated our duties far too long to the left, what we are left with is a whole generation that has been corrupted almost beyond fixing. We need to demand the right to take it back, to be forceful in our demand, let them know that we are willing to sacrifice and fight for this.

American is growing to be the nation once more that I remember, no longer are we apologizing, sending apology tours as we did with the last administration around the world, with Trump others are told to get on the wagon or be left behind.

And last, we need to pick these people’s minds, they did not go around the world apologizing for our greatness, but they were willing to both fight for it, and use it to protect our allies. Today the left thinks we need to wither on the vine and die, we are no longer worthy of merit, meanwhile millions are trying to sneak into what they think is unworthy. I can only hope one day I see a reversal, see these people leave to fill the vacant villages of the people who are coming her for a dream.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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