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Top Recipients Of US Aid Actively Work Against US Interests

Top Recipients Of US Aid Actively Work Against US Interests

As a conservative in most fiscal spending matters, some of that is directed towards US policy where it gives out foreign aid, more specifically when it gives it to nations who hate us or their interests conflict with ours.  When I see nations that we have given over a billion dollars a year are actively working against our interests I have to ask, “Why are we still giving them money?” I think it is more than fair to ask why US Aid is being given out to nations that actively work against our interests.

National interestest are unique for every nation, this  is  by no means unacceptable, I would say it is expected that there are times where national interests of a nation may go contrary to what the US’s needs are, but to actively work at changing US policy and working behind our back while accepting foreign aid, this is a huge problem. We as a nation have a right to ask, no, more demand that if a nation is receiving any  US Aid we have a right to demand that our interests are taken into account, if a nation is not able to respect this then we would do good to reaccess giving them any aid. 

The reason this is brought up is the fight the US is having with the Palestinian Authority right now, they are demanding their right to pay out blood money to terrorist’s that attack not only Israeli’s but American tourist as well, but in the process have demanded that it is the US’s obligation to honor the commitment to give them money. I don’t know about you, but this drives me nuts. The gall, no more the audacity to come in and demand we pay you money so you can spend your people to kill not only Israeli citizens but Americans as well, then act like we have wronged you when we say no more is is both puzzling and infuriating to me. 

Today we have gotten such a state of mind not just domestically wise where individuals think they are entitled to us taking care of them if they are too lazy to work, not nations are as well. One has to wonder, it is our money, by what right does the UN think they have to take US Aid that is given to something entirely different and give it to something we have already stated we will not pay into?

But the UN, which today receives over 3 billion a year in US funding, that is more then 185 other nations in the world gives combined. The US covers over 22% of all UN funding without peacekeeping involved, if you add that in the US includes close to 33% of all funding, yet the UN is demanding the right to pay out our aid money as they desire, not as we dictate. 

The worst part, this is now spreading out from the UN, we now have Egypt and Jordan, our number two and three ranked nation that we give foreign aid to pledging to give money to aid in making up what the US has cut from UNRWA, further, they are bringing in other nations to make up the difference. What this means is two of the three largest recipients of US aid are using their money, money that they claim to not have enough of, thus we are giving aid, to work around what the US is trying to do, force the stoppage of blood money and bring the Palestinian Authority back to the table. 

The question then needs to be asked, “Why are we giving any aid if this is the case.” We saw in an unprecedented move the UN last year moved to try to tell the US what we could and could not recognize in regards to Israel’s capital, then we saw many of the nations along with the UN, these alone make up almost all of the $40+ billion in US Aid we give out each year (this is counting in the UN), condemn and then activelly tell us that we had no legal right to accept a nation’s capital, one by the way that has only been their capital in all of history (with the exception of the Crusaders for a 100 years). If you wish to see more background on this, please read The Palestinian Claim to Jerusalem, all the data is there to provide proof of what I am saying. 

Even if you don’t agree with President Trump’s position on this, it is still official US policy, it has been for years with the legally binding Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995, this has been US policy since then, the move was deferred for political reason but each president had to sign off every six months the deferment and give an explanation why they weren’t, but that is another story, if you wish to find out more, please go to Why We Should Move Our Embassy To Jerusalem

So what we have here are multiple nations along with the UN, which the UNRWA is part of, defying US policy and trying to work around what we are trying to do, all while receiving US Aid. What I think the US should do is put every nation on notice, if you are receiving US aid and you wish to do this, we will either cut off all aid or cut off the amount that you are pledging, if you have the money to give to this then spend it on your nation, We don’t wish to support this any longer. 

We also need to start looking more deeply at the aid money we are giving to the UN, while I think President Trump has done a great j0b regarding the UN so far, I think more needs to be done, and by what I have seen both he and Ambassador Halley feeling the same. 

In ending I would like to point to a nation that does receive US aid, in fact, receives more support than any other country in the world, let’s  see how they show appreciation for this. First, let’s look at their voting record along with the US:

If you add this along with Israel was the first ones to send teams over to the US when Katrina hit, did the same thing last year with the wave of hurricanes devested much of the Gulf Area along with Porto Rico. And this does not even include the work they have done with our intelligence military and other departments in the US. 

I think the US not only has the right to demand if we are giving billions of aid to have nations at least show tacit support but to cut off funding if they don’t. Like my father used to tell me when I was younger, “As long as you live under my roof and have access to what I am paying for, you will abide by the standards asked of everyone in the house,” now I say the same thing to my son.


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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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