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Trump’s Call To Liberate Liberal Run States, MI, MN, And VA, Drives Hollywood Into Frenzy

Trump’s Call To Liberate Liberal Run States, MI, MN, And VA, Drives Hollywood Into Frenzy

Trump tweets that liberal states that are controlled by tyrannical governors who have suspended and attacked our constitutional rights, the people need to liberate these places.

Nothing drives the leftist Hollywood elite crazier then have Trump speak, the latest, calling on the governors of Michigan, Minnesota, and Virginia to free their people, to stop the brutal stay at home orders they have issued.

Left-wing Hollywood stars are melting down over President Donald Trump’s calls to “liberate” three Democrat-led states where residents have risen in protest, demanding that governors re-open the economies and relax restrictions on physical movement.

Celebrities went on an immediate attack while showing support for these Democrat Governors, calling Trump “deranged,” “terrifying,” and a “madman.”

President Trump fired off three tweets in which he pushed for the liberation of Michigan, Minnesota, and Virginia, all of which are run by Democrat governors. In Michigan, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is facing a rising tide of criticism for her handling of the coronavirus crisis, with residents protesting against what they see as draconian stay-at-home orders.

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz is facing a similar situation as protestors assembled outside his residence, demanding that the state re-open its economy. Virginia is also seeing protesters apply pressure on Gov. Ralph Northam, who recently signed new gun controls aimed at limiting the number of guns that law-abiding Virginians can purchase in a given month. President Trump urged Virginia residents to “save your great 2nd Amendment. It is under siege!”

President Trump’s tweets caused apoplectic reactions among Hollywood celebrities who used the occasion to offer their non-expert opinions on the president’s mental state.

Comedian Sarah Silverman suggested that elected Republican officials are to blame for President Trump’s behavior.

I must ask, “Sarah, where was your outrage when actual calls of violence were called by your Hollywood friends, like when Madonna said she wanted to burn down the White House?”

Actor Adam Scott showed outrage over what he called “dangerous” speech:

Wendell Pierce claimed Trump was “igniting the flames of division and rebellion”:

I would say it is funny how they ignore the brutal rules by the governors, telling people they can’t even go outside and speak to their neighbors across the lawn, arresting people for daring to attend a church service in their car, this could not bring up such actions in their liberal demented minds, only Trump telling people to rise and put a stop to this.

Jeffrey Write went further, accused Trump of “smelling of death,” claimed he was going to get more people killed. So let me see if I understand this, Trump saying to liberate these states, that is an outrage, but calling to free the whole nation from Trump isn’t? Can we say hypocrite?

Ron Perlman went further: he claimed that somehow, Trump was guilty of Negligent Homicide. I have to wonder, do these idiots think because they once portrayed a District Attorney they are educated in the law? Does this moron even know what Negligent Homicide is?

Rosie could not be left out. This woman who is obsessed with her hatred of Trump, who is an excellent example of what TDS is, she goes on a rant accusing Trump of being a madman.

I have finally gotten to the point that if the far-leftist loons are outraged about something Trump says he wants to do, we can, for the most part, be assured that it is a sensible path to take. These people are so full of hate; they would happily sit in their gilded homes as they watch this nation of ours burn down around them. They would gladly do whatever was needed, even aid an enemy if this would rid them of Trump.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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  1. David

    FCC BERDS TO SHUT DOWN ALL MEDIA STATIONS, papers and remove their tv stations as long as they say news. 97% of all Trump reporting is hatred, they have only lied about Russia probe, Miller report, impeachment etc etc. they must be classified as ENTERTAINMENT AS TMZ OR NATIONAL ENQUIRER ARE… no tax breaks, MUST BE SUED FOR LIBLE, slander etc


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