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Why We Honor The Fourth Of July

Why We Honor The Fourth Of July

Many today will be attending picnics, enjoy the family time, at night  “ooh and ah” as fireworks explode high in the air, yet ask why we celebrate we know that it is independence day, but ask from whom, most today have no clue. Why do we honor this day? We look at this on this day we celebrate our independence.

We honor this day due to the acts of our founding fathers, a movement that started when a group of farmers and colonials decided they could no longer live under a system where they were not given the freedoms they knew they deserved, were taxed without representation, and led by a government far away with them being part of an empire that spanned much of the globe, due to its size they held no significance.

They decided to take up arms, to fight what then was the largest empire in the world. Many starved, were without the proper provisions we expect our men today to have while in the military, saw their brothers and sister lose life and limb due to this, in the end, figured that the fight was not worth the sacrifice, so they quit the fight and went back to their farms, yet many pressed on.

We won that fight, won against insurmountable odds, our freedom meant more to us than what the so-called experts of the day told us, we knew that what we were fighting for was just, it was a righteous cause, as such providence told us if we only pressed on we would be victorious, and we were.

Many died to fight for our freedom, to stop the tyranny they saw, no, demand their right to be free to speak as they pleased, to have representation by their peers, to be free from a corrupt system that could jail them without charges, fought to give themselves a freedom that they saw as both given by the creator, as something sacred that no man had a right to strip from them.

Were these men perfect? Of course they weren’t, it was that lack of perfection that makes what they put togather even that more impressive, their moves to grant freedom that until then was unthinkable, men were not allowed to live free before that, they were told it was their duty to bear on their shoulders the burden of an oppressive government, they were not only to be forced to endure it but dare speak out against it they were swiftly punished for daring to speak or act against such a thing, the many were to be ruled by a few, that was it.

We saw this nation, in spite of its flaws, grow in greatness until after the 2nd world war we found ourselves at the summit of world power; were we perfect then? No, we were still imperfect, warts and all, but we had something that caused many to look to us, found it worth leaving friends and family, the only home they have ever known to live within our borders, to experience the freedoms that until now they had only known as a dream, dreams whispered so authorities would not hear them.

Sadly, today many do not see things this way, they see our founders as corrupt, the experiment they started flawed, so they are in desperation seeking a way to undo this great experiment where all can be free, they see their home as evil, as one that has oppressed the world, as nothing but a vile thing that should be shucked with disdain.

Instead of looking at the great thing our fathers put togather, they look to their flaws, scream that such flawed men could never put togather such a thing of beauty, all the while ignoring that this has been the way of man since the beginning.

With these same flaws, we heard the beauty of music by Beethoven, Bach, and Handel; we enjoyed the masterpieces that tickled our imagination by great artist like Da Vinci, Van Gogh, Rembrandt, and Michelangelo; wondered at the creativity of  Shakespeare, Chekhov, and Sophocles. All these men held one thing in common; they made works of perfection in spite of the imperfection they held as humans, there were able to overcome this, now all of humanity is made better due to what they contributed to our essence.

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It is the same way with our founders, they made a great nation, one that is looked up to by other nations for the greatness these founders worked into our constitution, many long to come to taste this freedom, are willing to risk life and limb to be part of it, yet we have people born here, who have known nothing else wanting to throw this all away, find what others are willing to risk all for as offensive, something that should be thrown away.

There is a song by Cinderella, it goes like this, “You Don’t Know What You Got Until It’s Gone!” These same people don’t realize that people too have been doing this, they find only the imperfections in their systems, then try to remove all so as to rebuild, when they are done, the individual is sacrificed for the good of the many, rather then as it should be, the individual is held as sacred, they have a right granted from the creator of all that needs to be held in reverence.

If we are not careful, the experiment that many have sought to be part of will be gone, then the very ones that fought to remove it are going to pine for it to be back. I for one will enjoy the blessings I have, I have seen other governments around the world, I know that in spite of imperfections we still have the best system ever designed. So people, remember this, have your time with your family and friends, enjoy the fireworks today, but also say a quick thank you to our founders in your heart that we can enjoy all this, out of imperfection something very close to perfection was formed, I for one will enjoy and be very thankful for it.

Happy Fourth of July from all of us at 0censor, may you enjoy this day as we celebrate our independence.

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Timothy Benton

Student of history, a journalist for the last 2 years. Specialize in Middle East History, more specifically modern history with the Israeli Palestinian conflict. Also, a political commentator has been a lifetime fan of politics.

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